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Capital Actuarial Services | Actuarial and Risk Management Consulting Services

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Building a sound risk management program is a complex task, especially if your organization retains a significant amount of risk through self-insurance, a captive insurance program or another non-insurance mechanism.

Capital Actuarial Services is an actuarial and risk management consulting firm that provides independent actuarial and risk management consulting services to self-insurers, captives, and insurance companies in these areas:

  1. Self-Insurance and Captive Feasibility Studies
    a. What are the costs and benefits of self-insurance? Is the company better off retaining risk or purchasing insurance from the primary market?
    b. If self-insurance, what are the optimal per occurrence or aggregate retention limits for each line of coverage included in the program?

  2. Ratemaking
    a. Pricing individual lines of business for insurers.
    b. Estimating individual member contributions or rates for self insurance programs.

  3. Loss and Loss Adjustment Expense Reserves Opinion for Insurers and Self-Insurance Programs

  4. Asset/Liability Matching
    What investment vehicle will best match the insurer's liabilities?

  5. Completing Schedule P of the Annual Statement for Insurers

  6. Retention Limit Analysis
    Determining the optimal retention limits (per occurrence or aggregate limits) for insurers and self-insurance programs.

  7. Budget Considerations
    Forecasting ultimate expected losses and expenses during the future periods.

  8. Financial Forecasting

  9. Negotiating Reinsurance
    Estimate the expected losses and loss adjustment expenses underlying our client experience so that the client will be in a better position to negotiate excess of loss reinsurance costs effectively.

  10. Dividend Calculations
    How much dividend should the self-insurance program distribute to members?

  11. Benchmarking
    How the program compares to similar programs and the insurance industry as a whole.

  12. Allocation of Costs Among Participants

  13. New Members
    Evaluating the impact of adding new members and what rates should be charged new members.

  14. Present Value Analysis
    a. Considering investment income and the Client's payout pattern.
    b. How much will be needed to fund the total outstanding liability?

  15. Data Management
    How data may be compiled to provide effective analysis.

  16. Regulatory Issues Regarding Loss and Loss Adjustment Expense Reserves and Rate Filings

  17. Catastrophe and Aggregate Risk Modeling

  18. Dynamic Financial Modeling

  19. Reinsurance Issues
    a. Excess of loss pricing.
    b. Loss portfolio transfer.
    c. Reinsurance commutations.


Capital Actuarial Services are insurance industry actuarial consultants providing expertise and service for Risk Management, Third Party Administrator, Captive Insurance, Self-Insured companies, Alternative Risk Assessments, Risk Management Insurance, Financial Modeling, Workers Compensation and Data Analysis.

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